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Power Africa geothermal initiative in Ethiopia seeks consulting support

The Power Africa initiative is on the lookout for consultants again, this time to help develop a geothermal data management system for the growing geothermal energy sector in Ethiopia. The new system will be leveraged by the two enforcing authorities – Geological Survey of Ethiopia and Ethiopia Electric Power.

Consultants supporting reform of state-owned enterprises in Ethiopia

Five Ethiopian state-owned enterprises have turned to external consultants for guidance as they embark on a strategic re-assessment of their core business model.

A Business Consultant's view of Ethiopia's falling export revenues

Despite a substantial boost in export incentives offered by the Ethiopian government, revenues from the country’s export sector have registered a considerable decline since 2011. Business Consultant Melaku Kinfegebriel attributes this discrepancy to the misuse of incentives.

Ethiopia seeks support with training professionals in electricity distribution

Ethiopia is looking for consulting support for a major energy project in the domain of electricity distribution. The request for services has been put out jointly by the Ethiopia Electric Agency (EEA) and Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and involves the design and implementation of targeted training programmes..

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